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 We acknowledge and affirm with the following declarations:
The Architecture of Your SOVEREIGN OVERSOUL

Your divine SELF has emerged into the physical world as a human being.

Your divine SELF is known as an OVERSOUL, commonly referred to as a “soul”.

Your OVERSOUL exists outside the parameters of the space-time continuum.

Your OVERSOUL is an exact, individual fractal of SOVEREIGN god consciousness.
We interchangeably refer to god consciousness as omniscient SOURCE ENERGY.

We define SOVEREIGNTY as that essential quality of SOURCE ENERGY that is invincible, immutable, omniscient, eternal, and entirely whole unto itself.

As an exact fractal of SOVEREIGN god consciousness, your divine SELF is endowed with all the same essential qualities of god consciousness, also known as the ONE omniscient SOURCE ENERGY.

Your OVERSOUL has been “made in the image and exact likeness of its original creator, the ONE SOURCE THAT CREATED YOUR SOUL AND ALL THAT IS.

Therefore, your OVERSOUL is also a SOVEREIGN CREATOR OF SOURCE ENERGY, endowed with the same power and FREE WILL of the original creator. As such, your OVERSOUL is capable of creating anything you desire.


Your FREE WILL and SOVEREIGN DIVINE NATURE are immutable and can never be taken from you. Your OVERSOUL is an unconditional and eternal divine inheritance given from the ONE SOURCE.

The divine nature of your OVERSOUL is SOVEREIGN unto itself. There is no force of nature or god consciousness above or beneath your OVERSOUL’S autonomous FREE WILL. There is no force of nature or god consciousness that may overpower the invincible divine will of your OVERSOUL.

As such, it is your own omniscient OVERSOUL that is the sole operating consciousness directing the details of your current incarnation and destiny.

Your OVERSOUL was designed for the ONE SOURCE to KNOW ITSELF through the expression and expansion of ITSELF as many. For the ONE SOURCE to KNOW ITSELF, it could only replicate ITSELF, for a perfect reflection of SELF-KNOWING.

Your many incarnations in the world of form serve as a parallel reflection of this original design of an “OTHER” to know and expand upon the ONE.

The omniscience of your OVERSOUL is orchestrating all of your incarnations simultaneously across the fabric of quantum reality. As such, your human awareness is capable of effecting change upon all your incarnations through the intentional SELF-MASTERY of this lifetime.

With every incarnation, your OVERSOUL is reflected back the truth of its absolute divinity within a quantum ocean of relativity, chaos, and infinite potential for seeming risk, failure, and success. Your OVERSOUL considers every physical experience, regardless of a desired outcome, as a spiritual success that expands its field of consciousness.

Your OVERSOUL is the omniscient, unconditionally loving and accepting GODSELF at the still center of your human awareness. Its active state is the HIGHER SELF, sometimes referred to as your “Holy Spirit”, which emerges from the space of NO-THING, into the light of creation to birth your human body into form. Read more…

Source: The Sophia Code

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People who operate in the context of responsibility declare that they are accountable for their interpretations and behavior.

Caring mainly about the ultimate success of their projects and relationships, they are oriented to action and correction rather than explanation and self-protection.

Responsible people do not spend a lot of energy estimating how things got to be the way they are. Rather, they focus on the effective action. They are more concerned with having a project or relationship work rather than the reasons why it will not.

In the responsible structure of interpretation, one looks to oneself as the source of all aspects of the project or relationship. The responsible person looks at what works and what does not work. The responsible person does not approach the project or relationship as though something is wrong, rather that there is something missing.

When one is responsible, one voices few psychological assessments. Instead, one’s focus is on what action will further the project or relationship. The responsible person is able, willing and striving to tell the truth about what has been done and not done. They are not as concerned with looking good as with having life work.

Real responsibility is not to be confused with blame, credit, obligation or duty. Acting from the context of responsibility, one is concerned with the facts only as they bear on the next appropriate action. There is no concern about whether the facts seem to give credit or blame.

When one operates out of the stand of responsibility, one is empowered by being the source of one’s own results, not intimidated or weighed down by that. A stand of responsibility does not signify restrictive ties, but freedom to act.

Source: Accomplishment Coaching

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imageVictim – a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency; a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance.

People who operate from a context of being victimized feel powerless and helpless in the face of some act, circumstance, condition and/ or person. They are done to and have to react and defend their life against others.

Caring mostly about safety and feeling good, the victim explains, figures things out, and tries to fix what is wrong with themselves, other people and life. The victim spends much of his life telling stories about how things got to be this way, and what they are doing to try to change.

The victim is not interested in breakthroughs, rather that things get incrementally better. They are quick with reasons and excuses. The world and others are the source of all of the victim’s problems. If only they could be left alone, the victim could make their life work. If they could only meet the right person or be in the right situation, things would get better.

imageThe victim deals in force, control, waiting and running. The victim gets the agreement from those around him about how bad things are, and about how the victim is really doing the best he/she can.

The victim seeks advice. The victim looks for rescue. The victim comes from interpretation disguised as facts. The victim cannot be who they really are, because of all the stuff that is going on in their life. They are extremely busy or overwhelmed. Life and relationships are hard. There is pressure.

Victims do not have breakdowns. Victims have problems. Life is dramatic and predictable. Spinning their wheels, victims move through life only inches at a time. There is no joy, satisfaction or power. There are only moments of feeling good, temporary and externally acquired.

Victims take fewer and fewer risks, content to just try to get through another day without being a really big victim. What runs the victims life is their conversations. Victims have few choices in life. Life becomes about avoidance and freedom. The victim is injured, suffering, destroyed or harmed.

The victim is not the source of his/her life. Being the victim is not satisfying, but it is comfortable and familiar.

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